Everyone wants to smoke good-quality buds with high potency and a nice effect. However, not all weed you smoke will give you that. In locations like Colorado, it is easy to find good-quality weed. You only have to find a licensed dispensary to buy your weed from. Due to the state’s strict cannabis laws and the level of competition, dispensaries that sell bad weed go out of business quickly because there is no one to buy their weed. Other than buying your weed from licensed dispensaries only, here are other ways to identify good quality buds from bad weed.

Use the shelf system.

Although a budtender can guide you towards good quality weed in a dispensary, it is also good to know how to identify it once you get to a dispensary. In most standard licensed dispensaries located in Niwot, Colorado, you will see three distinct shelves. The buds you see on the top shelf are high-quality marijuana, mainly referred to as premium-quality buds. It is a high-grade weed with high potency and intense flavors as it is grown, harvested, dried, and cured with utmost care. 

The weed on the middle shelves is usually average, mostly for people who already don’t have a high tolerance. The weed on the bottom is the ordinary, usually the cheapest with low potency. However, it has a psychoactive effect on beginners.

Check the stem and seed content.

Everyone is always after beautiful potent buds, but that is not always the case. For instance, weed from the streets is usually full of stem and seed content because it is not quality. Seeds and stems are useless contents you cannot smoke, especially since seeds tend to explode when you set the weeds on fire. So examine your buds when buying them to ensure it is not loaded with useless stems and seed content unless you are getting it at a meager price.

Examine the trichomes

Buying your weed from the best dispensary in Colorado assures you of high-quality buds covered with fresh trichomes which are responsible for the smell and taste of the weed. They look like sparkling crystals, and you can spot their density with your naked eyes. If the trichomes have an amber tinge in them, it means that they were harvested late and probably have higher cannabinoid levels. Such buds are medically beneficial but have a reduced high. Experienced growers harvest their buds when the trichomes have a milky white color which resembles bright mushrooms under a magnifying glass.

Check the bud structure.

High-quality buds are usually fat, dense, and tightly packed. Growers need to trim their marijuana buds well to remove all the fan leaves around the buds. Growers who hand trim their buds produce better buds than machine trimmed ones. Therefore if the buds have a lot of fan leaves, look for weed elsewhere.

The bottom line

High-grade marijuana buds also have a strong smell and taste, depending on the strain. But since you may not touch or smell it at the dispensary, the tips mentioned above can help you identify good quality weed.

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