How Mentoplasty Or Chin Surgery Can Contribute To The Aesthetic And Functional Balance Of The Face

How Mentoplasty Or Chin Surgery Can Contribute To The Aesthetic And Functional Balance Of The Face

How Mentoplasty Or Chin Surgery Can Contribute To The Aesthetic And Functional Balance Of The Face

The facial pairing has gained prominence in recent years. Many people don’t know that this technique includes a series of procedures that aim to promote the aesthetic and functional balance of the face, such as mentoplasty. In this article, you will learn a little more about this “plastic surgery of the chin” that improves the patient’s health condition and quality of life in addition to aesthetic benefits.

Case Assessment And Surgery Planning

The professional analyzes the entire face to check what is missing for the chin to present itself more harmoniously. The patient who seeks to correct the positioning of the chin through chinoplasty must, first of all, undergo a professional evaluation. Before surgery is indicated, the specialist performs tests to assess the patient’s clinical condition and ensure that he is in good health. If necessary, such as visual and tactile exams, radiographs, and even CT scans. In addition to a protocol of photographs of all angles of the face to help with case planning.

Anyone who thinks that surgery planning is based on an isolated analysis of the chin is wrong. On the contrary, the professional does a total facial analysis. The face is divided into three parts, and although the mouth and chin area is in the lower third, the proportions of each third are analyzed and compared. This is to verify what is necessary for the chin to present itself more harmonically to the rest of the face. In addition, there are measures to be followed regarding the height and position of the chin to the lips and nose.

To optimize planning and even visualize results before execution, digital resources are adopted. Remember that planning is different between men and women, as face shape and patterns are considered.

How Is The Preoperative

Before performing the surgery, the patient must pay attention to details, such as the minimum fasting time required. It is necessary to follow the recommendation of the responsible professional about this interval, which is usually two hours in cases of local anesthesia, and twelve hours, in general anesthesia. In addition, it may be indicated to discontinue the use of some medications before the procedure and the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the use of tobacco or drugs.

Postponing the mentoplasty may also be necessary in some cases, such as a cold and infection. It is also important to remember that orthodontic treatment often precedes mentoplasty, as the alignment of the teeth directly contributes to the aesthetics of the face. Now that you know about the chin surgery, click here to know what kind the best silicon for chin surgery (เสริม คาง ซิ ลิ โคน แบบ ไหน ดี which is the term in Thai).

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